The diamond is one of the oldest and rarest minerals in the world. Formed in the mantle, they are the result of the extreme pressure and temperature levels put on carbon-containing minerals. Geologists tell us it takes between 1 to 3.3 billion years for the average diamond to complete its growth. That implies some stones are almost as old as the ea… Read More

You have met the woman of your dreams. You have seen her at her best and worst and you understand this is the lady you desire to invest the rest of your life with. So do you simply toss her in the boot and repel to Gretna Green, whisking her into a pc registry workplace before she has possibility to work out what is going on, or do you prepare the … Read More

Wedding headpieces are things that you may be thinking are worn by princesses. These can be anything from a crown like shaped headdress to a long flowing veil. When it comes to selecting the best one for your wedding day it is vital that you are taking everything into mind. This article is written to ensure you get information into tips on how to c… Read More

I would like to thank you for The gorgeous dresses I purchased from you. My bridesmaids looked beautiful and everyone complimented our pastel colour theme. The groomsmen ties were from you too which looked terrific with the person bridesmaid attire. I've attached some shots : )Rebekah's ladies seemed really amazing inside their coral bridesmaid dre… Read More

Weddings really are a beautiful event that may make any girl look stunning. It is a amount of time in both the bride along with the grooms lives that they can bear in mind so when you are looking at getting ready for this ceremony there are several issues that must be looked at and taken into account. The wedding dress is one of the more vital thin… Read More